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Trampoline House publishes cookbook about migration politics

Photos: Britta My Thomsen

Trampoline House's catering service Sisters' Cuisine has published a cookbook that combines recipes and migration politics.

The publication of Sisters’ Cuisine's Cookbook was celebrated with bubbles, speeches and home-cooked snacks at a book launch on March 11, which filled Trampoline House with curious guests. The book is already sold in more than 150 copies.

The cookbook is filled with delicious recipes by Sisters’ Cuisine. But it's not only a cookbook: the book also portrays the cooks behind the recipes.  With cooking as a starting point they share their experiences, thoughts and stories as women, asylum seekers and refugees. 

In this way it's a book that puts the focus on migration politics through the women's shared passion for cooking.

The book is the result of a collective process in Trampoline House's Women’s Club. It is a book full of the strength and hope of all the inspiring women from Trampoline House fighting for change.

Sisters’ Cuisine Cookbook – Recipes Without Borders  is available in both English and Danish. It costs 99 kr. (€13.50), but you can also choose to add a donation of 40 kr. (€5) to Trampoline House.

You can buy it in Trampoline House on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays at 1-7 pm or order it below. Please note that shipping costs are added if you want us to send it to you.

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