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Artist talk by Delhi-based artist Sreejata Roy

"The presence in public space, patterns of sociality and mobility" is an artist talk by Sreejata Roy, Revue.

As Delhi-based artist involved for over a decade in the creation of community-related art projects, I have evolved a personal art practice within my larger investigation of socio-
cultural conditions in urban contexts, drawing upon oral history, the narration of daily life and the formation/expression of subjectivity.

My recent project for more than couple of years is a collaboration with the young people from the heavily populated migrant working-class settlement from Khirki & Hauz Rani. I had many informal and formal dialogues with local young women about their notions of public space. Khirki, a semi-rural colony on the unauthorised/urban village area of South Delhi, still retains a strong though vestigial aura of its origins despite now being fully assimilated into the city in every sense.

I see my project as an ongoing inquiry, a platform that brings local young women from different backgrounds (domestic and international migrants/ refugees/ asylum seekers) together to explore various aspects of their presence in public space, patterns of sociality and mobility.

My vision and methodology is based on the conceptual and symbolic integration of a range of media (drawings, models, video, performance, wall blogs, wall painting, photography, etc.), and I use visual research methods to explore art/creativity as alternative means of accessing public space. Dialogue is the core means of exploring and building social relations in community contexts, but the project also includes improvised, collaborative and cross-media narratives.

Free admission – all are welcome.

Place & Time: Trampoline House (Big Classroom), 6–7 pm.