"In my heart, I'm interested in helping people"

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Mandana (left) teaches Bible Class in Trampoline House every week.

Mandana (left) teaches Bible Class in Trampoline House every week.

Mandana converted from Islam to Christianity several years ago. Today, she teaches Trampoline House's Bible Class, using her own experiences to help others get closer to Christianity.

"When I converted, I needed someone to help me, and not just from the church," explains Mandana. "It was difficult for me, because we went to church, but only on Sundays, and the priest talks about something in his sermon, and it's difficult to understand it right if you're on a new path."

It's especially her experiences as a convert that inspire Mandana's Bible Class in Trampoline House.

"Our class is not like the church. We don't have a sermon or any defined topic. We talk a lot about what it means to be a Christian, also with regards to having converted. Every week, I give people the chance to choose which verse has affected their hearts the most, and if someone has questions they can ask them. And then we pray and sing together"

The Bible Class is in Farsi, which is Mandana's mother tongue. But if anyone wants to join who doesn't understand Farsi, it's usually easy to find someone who can translate. Mandana herself translates between Danish and Farsi, and it was also as a translator that she visited Trampoline House for the first time:

"I came for the first time two years ago. I had Bible Class in Hillerød in 2014, and people from our group also went to Trampoline House, and I came along to translate for someone. In my heart, I'm interested in helping people."

Trampoline House's Bible Class gets together every Friday at 2-3 pm. Click here to see our full calendar.

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