Meet Miriam, our Childcare Coordinator

"Some of the kids have had a traumatizing past, but they feel very safe here"

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Photo: Stacey Goldberg

Photo: Stacey Goldberg

By Stacey Goldberg, Communications Intern

Miriam is Trampoline House's child care coordinator. She’s from Barcelona and started her internship at Trampoline House back in September. Thanks to Miriam and 15 volunteers in the child care team, Trampoline House offer children from the asylum centers a safe and caring space while their parents attend legal counselling, language classes, job training or network in Trampoline House.

“Staying with the kids is a really grateful job. You can feel that they really need this time and this attention. Some of the kids have had a traumatizing past, but they feel very safe here. When you come here to do your tasks as a volunteer, it’s very important because Trampoline House offers the kids a safe space for fun activities. This is something in the camps that they don’t have. It’s very important that we can have more volunteers playing with them and giving them the attention that they deserve. This is very important for the kids' development.

"At the beginning it's a bit difficult to establish the trusting relation, but after this step, it’s wonderful. Because then you listen to them say ‘Hey, I missed you! What are we going to do today?’ When the day is finished, the parents come to you and say ‘thanks for today!’ It’s really rewarding and worth every minute and effort with them. It’s very fun because you can spend the afternoon playing with the kids, and you can always propose ideas while being a part of an international team!"

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