New Women's Class

The new Women’s Class empowers women by sharing stories and discussing feminism and human rights.

By Eden Girma

Since the summer of 2018, a Women’s Class has taken place in Trampoline House every Friday at 4-6 pm. In Women’s Class, asylum seekers, refugees and Danes share their different stories. The different experiences are helpful. The class talks about how to raise children in the asylum and integration system, and there is free space to share your feelings.


“I learn many things by listening to other women”

One of the women who goes to Women’s Class is Hannah. She is 22 years old and an asylum seeker from Palestine. She has been in Women’s Club during the past few years, and also in Women’s Class from the beginning.

She explains that the class is helpful for her:

“I don’t have any knowledge about feminism. I also learn how to raise children. I learn many things by listening to other women. I’m very young, so this class gives me a lot of experience for the future of my life. If I have children in the future, it’s also important to teach them about women’s rights.We share our good and bad experiences. So it is a very good idea to have women’s class.”


Less activities on Saturdays

But since Women’s Class started, women in Trampoline House only gather in Women’s Club once a month, because Women’s Club has changed into women’s class the other weeks.

For the people wo are coming from the camp, it’s a bit boring without the Women’s Club every Saturday, because most women don’t have any place to go and meet people and friends and talk about their weekly life.From Monday to Friday, everyone is busy. In the camp, most of the women stay in the room on Saturdays without much communication.

Empowerment by sharing

Camilla, the Women’s Club intern for five months in the fall of 2018, explains the difference between Women’s Club and the new Women’s Class: 

Women’s Class is a new, educational activity for women in Trampoline House. Photo: Tone Olaf Nielsen.

Women’s Class is a new, educational activity for women in Trampoline House. Photo: Tone Olaf Nielsen.

“Women’s Club is more social, where people gather and relax, talk and make dinner together and eat. Women’s Class focuses on education by teaching important things, for example about human rights, women’s rights, feminism, and how to raise kids in asylum camps. It’s also about sharing our stories to learn from each other. We try to empower women by giving advice on how they can know about their rights and solve their problems.”

The reason why Women’s Class started in Trampoline House is that there is not any kind of education in the asylum centers, so the women feel that it is very important with more education. The main aim of the class is to help the women know their rights.

Camilla explains that she also learns from Women’s Class:

“I have learned a lot about the different women’s lives in the countries they came from or in the asylum camps. It’s a difficult situation. It has broken my heart, because I have never seen the same difficulty as them.I can imagine how hard it is, because I am a mother, but I have a normal life. So I learn so many things from the class. It is very important to know how hard lives they have lived with their children in the asylum camps.”


The class is three Fridays a month at 4-6 pm for 15-20 women. You can see all our activities in our calendar,

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