Meet Asrin: Our new counselor

Trampoline House’s new legal counselor focuses on making immigration law more understandable for asylum seekers and refugees. She offers free counseling every week.

By Viktoria Steinhart and Amanda Enggaard Dybdal

Asrin Mesbah, cand.jur., is Trampoline House’s legal counselor. Photo: Viktoria Steinhart.

Asrin Mesbah, cand.jur., is Trampoline House’s legal counselor. Photo: Viktoria Steinhart.

Asrin is a lawyer from the University of Copenhagen with a focus on immigration law, and is working in Trampoline House as a legal counselor. In Asrin’s experience, the rules are often difficult to understand. In her opinion, this creates a certain need for good and professional lawyers to counsel and guide.

As a legal counselor in Trampoline House, Asrin hopes to make the asylum processes easier to understand. Therefore, she helps to explain the rules of asylum applications and family reunification, and also outlines the Danish systems and its rules for the refugees and asylum seekers that use Trampoline House. “But it can take months before a decision is made”, she says. Asrin has only been in the house for two months, and in her experience, legal cases often have long processinf times.

Asrin speaks both Danish, Farsi and Kurdish which means that in most cases, there is no need for extra translation. She experiences a great confidence with her clients, and a feeling that they are understood: “They feel that there are people who want to help others, and who want to make a difference”, she says.

Trampoline House offers free legal counselling to asylum seekers and refugees that need help in appealing their asylum cases, get help with family reunification or other cases, and here you can meet Asrin.

Asrins best advice is to ask a professional if you have questions about your case. Trampoline House offers free counselling every week:

  • Trampoline House all weekdays at 10 am – 4 pm

  • Refugees Welcome every Tuesday at 4 – 7 pm

  • Vores Asylbørn every Thursday 5 – 7 pm

Support the counseling

Trampoline House offers free counseling for asylum seekers and refugees, but unfortunately, it’s not free for Trampoline House. Therefore, we need all the help we can get. Even small donations count! Please click here to see how you can donate.

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