Meet Sara

Meet Sara, our new Children’s Club Coordinator

Support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Lauritzen Fonden and private donations has made it possible for Trampoline House to hire a new Children’s Club Coordinator. Her name is Sara Ipsen and here are her visions for the Children’s Club:

Sara Ipsen is Children’s Club Coordinator in Trampoline House. Photo: Alina Strileckis

Sara Ipsen is Children’s Club Coordinator in Trampoline House. Photo: Alina Strileckis

“My heart has always beaten for people – especially children – in difficult circumstances. I am so sad to see the effects that the government’s asylum restrictions have on the children that are new to Denmark. Children that come with different traumatic experiences from their home countries and who are placed in just as traumatizing centers around the country.

My vision for Trampoline House’s Children’s Club is to work as a counterpart to all the negative influences that these children are subject to. Influences that interrupt the children’s possibilities to learn and develop. The Children’s Club is to function as a nice place, where these children can find ease, security, positive relations, predictability and happiness, which can improve their quality of life and inclusion in the Danish society.”

Name: Sara Ipsen

Age: 36


  • Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy

  • Master's degree in Pedagogical Psychology, specialized in Developmental Psychology

Previous working experiences

  • Pedagogical Leader for vulnerable children and adolescents at Freetown Christiania

  • Teacher in Pedagogy and Children's Psychology at University College Copenhagen

  • Pedagogical Development Consultant in the IVS company Pædagogisk Input

  • Inclusion teacher for vulnerable children with a different ethnic background than Danish in Copenhagen Municipality

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