Meet Amin, our handy man

"Trampoline House is a beginning of life and work"

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Photo: Anna Emy

Photo: Anna Emy

Amin is 33 years old and a cabinet maker from Iran.

"I'm working in Trampoline House as a cabinet maker. I build furniture and I attend the Bible class. I also attend the Danish class and the house meeting. The House Meeting is important. It's the brain in Trampoline House which is thinking of what we should do, what we are going to work on, and make plans – everything that we have to do. It's important. The House Meeting is important to me.

I have many friends in Trampoline House. It's a beginning of life and work. I think it's a beginnning of communication with other people, Danish people, and also other people, for example Italianos. It helps the communication to speak together. And it's a beginning of work also, to speak with Danish people.

I have experience as a cabinet maker from 20 years in Iran and Norway. It's my job, old furnitures. I can repair and fix and I can also make new furniture. I hope to find a job in Denmark as a cabinet maker as well.

Trampoline House can help you to start work. I came to Trampoline House and said "I want to work as a cabinet maker", and then Søren said, "yes, you can do that!". He didn't say "stop" or "no". He said, "here you go, whatever you want, here you go"."

Support Amin's way to work

The asylum centers offer very few opportunities for people like Amin to practice and develop their skills.

But in Trampoline House, everyone can contribute to the community in their own way. Some people teach English or Arabic, others build furniture, run tailor workshops or offer their peers a haircut.

By donating DKK 250, you can help us offer the necessary equipment for people to develop their skills and interests.

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Every contribution matters. You can help ensuring that asylum seekers can be part of a community from their first day in Denmark.

It means more than you can imagine.