Sisters’ Cuisine Food Club is a multicultural food project run by refugee and asylum-seeking women from Trampoline House.

The club organizes public food events and cooking workshops in Trampoline House with the aim of bringing people together with food, and creating awareness about the plight of refugee women and refugee children.

We make healthy, affordable food from all over the world, influenced by our diverse places of origin, such as Afghanistan, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iran, Morocco, and Palestine.

our activities

Love thy Neighbor: Communal dining pop-up restaurant

Dining in Sisters Cuisine’s pop-up restaurant is like showing up at an Italian family dinner party.

You will be seated at a long, shared table together with 25 other restaurant guests and served a unique 3-course menu with a specific ethnic influence, created by our skilled women chefs.

Before the food is served, two waitresses from Sisters Cuisine will give a brief introduction to life as a refugee woman in Denmark. While food is flowing, you will get to know the other people at the table, who also share a love for good food and dynamic conversation.

All profits go to Trampoline House’s programs for asylum-seeking children.

Upcoming pop-up restaurant dates: September 28 and November 30.

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Building Bonds: Cooking workshops

Sign up for one of our cooking workshops and learn how to make original Moroccan couscous or traditional Ethiopian injera flatbread with meat and vegetable stews from the skilled Sisters Cuisine chefs.

The sisters will take you through all the steps and will answer questions about life as a refugee woman in Denmark while you are cooking.

The workshops take place in Trampoline House’s big kitchen and has room for 10 participants. Price incl. ingredients: DKK 425.

All profits go to Trampoline House’s programs for asylum-seeking children.

Upcoming workshop dates: August 31 and October 26

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Food with a Purpose: Fundraisers for asylum-seeking children

More than 40 asylum-seeking children visit Trampoline House with their parents every week.

In our Children’s Club and Children’s School, they can participate in fun and educational activities while their parents do asylum internships/job training, attend classes, or get counseling. It means a lot to the children to have a safe space where they can get a break from the stressful life in the asylum or deportation centers.

Sisters Cuisine Food Club organizes fundraisers in the house several times a year to support Trampoline House’s programs for children.

Upcoming fundraiser dates in fall 2019: December 6

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Recipes Without Borders: Publishing cookbooks

In 2017, Sisters Cuisine published its first cookbook filled with delicious recipes from around the world. However, it was not only a cookbook: the book also portrayed the cooks behind the recipes – women who have experienced the challenging situation of being an asylum seeker or refugee in Denmark.

In the interviews accompanying the recipes, the women relate their relationship to cooking to the rest of their lives as women, as asylum seekers, or as refugees. Food is not just food. It can be the dry bread that is all you have to eat during your flight, and it can be the good food your mother made back home. Cooking can also be the cheese sandwiches you eat in your room in the asylum center because the center’s community kitchen full of men makes you feel uncomfortable.

But cooking can also be a way to create new communities that transcend backgrounds, history, and cultures. And it can be a way to relieve homesickness and build bridges between the past and the present.

Sisters Cuisine is working on a new cookbook that we hope to launch in 2020.